How company donations give Habitat ReStore shoppers amazing deals

At our Habitat for Humanity ReStore in New Jersey we are known for our relationships with local communities. What most people don't know is that many companies support the ReStore  by donating items such as bathroom vanities, large appliances, office furniture and even extra building materials.  These items are then deeply discounted to provide savings to our local customers. 

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Donations are amazing for shoppers looking for unique items that are practical, less expensive than Big Box stores, and environmentally conscious (we keep thousands of items out of landfills every month). 
For example, one of our local supporters, Hardware Resources donated several high-end bathroom vanities that went into  homes across New Jersey. This donation resulted in increased revenue for our ReStore, offered the perfect items for shoppers, and supports local Habitat for Humanity efforts.

SOLD! White and Granite Double Sink Vanity for only $300. We are looking for items like this! Donate today!

Companies like Hardware Resources become part of the fabric of our communities through these donations. According to Habitat for Humanities article that this blog post is modeled after (and we suggest you check it out):

Local businesses are helping us raise funds to build safe, decent and affordable housing, they are also modeling excellent green business practices by keeping these materials out of landfills.
— Habitat for Humanity

With corporate partners like Hardware Resources, our Habitat ReStore can meet the needs of the community we serve. 

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We are always looking for new businesses looking to go green and help us us continue our mission to provide affordable housing. 

Check out the businesses that have already made a difference with their donations by going to our supporters page.  Learn more  about our ReStore's donation policies by clicking the button below.