Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Wayne


Ideal Volunteer Candidates

  • Recently Retired
  • Stay at home Mom or Dad
  • College Students

Average Time COmmitment

  • Once or twice a month
  • Once or twice a week
  • Daily volunteers

20 Minute Orientations Held Twice a Week

Thursday at 2pm
Saturday at 11am

Volunteers in Action

We're Looking For

Volunteers who can get on one end of a couch and help put it into someone’s truck. Cashiers are always welcome as are donation preparation specialists.

Weekly Orientation

We hold orientations twice a week: Thursday at 2pm and Saturday at 11am. It takes about 20 minutes and once you attend, you can start lending a helping hand that day!


Volunteers under 16

Volunteers must be accompanied by an adult if they are 16 and under. Volunteers 17 and over may volunteer by themselves but a waiver (Download Waiver Here) must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Large Groups

Sorry but we cannot accommodate large groups. Large groups may contact our affiliate for build site opportunities. That information can be found by clicking here